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We are always ready to help

If you are in need of qualified technical support for your customized high-pressure cleaner, you have comed to the right place.

At Aquila, we are always ready to provide the necessary support you need when you need it. Thus, securin your operation and reducing downtime.

We offer:

  • A strong and experienced back office, which possesses more than 75 years of experience combined and is always ready to advise, guide and support 24/7.

  • A full spare parts warehouse for all machines. If you need parts for your high-pressure cleaner, we probably have it in stock and are happy to send it to you as quick as possible. You can thus order the parts delivered by express. And if it happens before 1 pm on weekdays, it can be delivered the next day in most countries in Europe.

Contact us

René Madsen offers support from Aquila Triventek.

René Madsen

Service, High Pressure Cleaning Dansk T: +45 61 22 67 94 M: rm@aquila.dk
Aquila has more than one vehichle on the road to offer qualified and quick support for your high pressure cleaner, so you won’t suffer unnecessary downtime. Foto: Aquila A/S

Too far away?

Are you to far away from our headquarters or one of our dealers in the world? There is no need to worry.

With the external control system PLC – a so-called programmable logic control unit – we can install Machine Web Control on the machines we make. That means, no matter where in the world you are, you will always have a qualified technician from the Aquila network nearby.

With the Machine Web Control-system we can access the machine externally. And, to a large extent, find out from afar what may need to be fixed if it stops working.

Service in the forefront

At Aquila, we take great pride in providing a qualified and flexible service to meet our customer’s needs.

That is why we are also one of the few with service cars on the roads and technicians in the field. And we are never afraid of taking a closer look at a machine, even if it originates from another manufacturer.

We believe that you achieve more with the right support for the individual.

So, whether it is a machine produced by us or from one of our competitors. Whether it is broken and needs urgent repair. Or if it just time for a quick check up, an upgrade, or new parts, we are ready to help.