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Effective weed control without the use of pesticides

If you need to remove weeds effectively without the use of pesticides, you need to use SPUMA – efficient and sustainable weed control.

It is the original thermal method to get rid of the unwanted sprouts here and now in an environmentally friendly way. But it also guarantees that their conditions for future growth deteriorate.

SPUMA guarantees:

  • Up to 100 days free of weed after one treatment
  • No use of pesticides
  • An effective remedy against invasive weeds
  • No fire hazard or contamination of soil, water or surrounding crops

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An efficient and environmentally friendly choice

SPUMA is the only choice when it comes to weed control as it is neither inefficient nor polluting. It is approved to be 100 percent free of pesticides and less polluting compared to alternative weed control as it does not harm soil, water or surrounding crops. 

On the other hand, it manages to remove weeds more efficiently than steam treatment and 4-8 times as efficiently as gas burning. Furthermore, without any fire hazard.

SPUMA works up to 100 days after one treatment. And over time with several treatments a large decrease in the overall amount of weed will occur. Not just the most common species like dandelions, bird grass and wart root. But also tall vegetation and the most invasive and stubborn plants such as bear’s claw, Japanese willowherb and rose hips.

SPUMA - efficient and sustainable weed control - is used along the sidewalk to remove wild grass.

The right thermal method

SPUMA is a thermal method developed in a collaboration between NCC Roads and Aquila Triventek more than 20 years ago.

95-98 degrees hot water combined with an insulating layer of foam – consisting of plant sugar from corn and coconut – is spread over the weeds, which are affected by the heat for up to five minutes. The correct and high temperature causes the cells in the plant to dissolve and the plant as well as the root begins dries out straight away.

At the same time, the long-term effect of the foam prevents he seeds in the upper layers of soil from spreading and germinating

The insulating layer of foam furthermore manages to cover all surfaces of the weeds, making it easier to control the propagation compared to other thermal control methods.

Hence, with SPUMA you are guaranteed the most long-term weed control.

Hence, you are guaranteed the most long-term weed control method.

Vehicle spreads the isolating foam of SPUMA - efficient and sustainable weed control - along the sidewalk to remove weed.

Key figures using SPUMA with two furnaces and a lay out rate of 2-3 km/h

Coverage (m2/h) with one 25 cm wide lanceWith a 25 cm wide lance you can theoretically lay out 625 m2 SPUMA* per hour, which is the number most manufacturers will provide. In practice 50-70 percent of this amount will be realized.**
Coverage (m2/h) with two lances combinedWith two lances combined on a hand truck you can theoretically lay out 1250 m2 SPUMA* per hour, which is the number most manufacturers will provide. In practice 50-70 percent of this amount will be realized.**
Water consumptionDepending on water temperature and ambient temperature the water consumption will with two lances be about 25-35 liters/min (1,3 m3 per hour).
PressureMax. 70 Bar
Diesel consumptionThe consumption of diesel will be about 7 liters per furnace and around 3,5 liters for the diesel engine.

*The SPUMA product is mixed into a 0,4 percent mixture with a regular water hardness.
**There is a general misunderstanding regarding consumption data when you talk thermal weed control. Correct thermal weed control requires a certain amount of heat for a given period of time. The more suitable hot water/foam supplied, the more efficient the weed control will be.

SPUMA prevailed over hot water

With a mission not to use chemicals, the Norwegian landscape gardening company Svein Boasson A/S had to admit that nothing works quite as well as SPUMA, if y.. Svein Boasson A/S – Norway