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About us

We hold more than 40 years of expertise

Aquila A/S is a production company, which specializes in developing customized high-pressure cleaners.

We also sell and produce a selection of professional duct cleaning equipment from Jet Vent as well as we build the machine for spreading SPUMA – the best solution within thermal weed control without the use of pesticides.

Even though we are a small Danish company with less than 20 employees, we sell and deliver our machines to a wide range of industries and business outside Denmark.

We are thus the leading manufacturer of high-pressure cleaners in Europe and Scandinavia based on more than 40 years of experience.

Our story begins with the original Aquila, which was established in 1979 with the aim to produce customized high-pressure cleaners for professionals. Since then, the company has been owned by different players as our business areas and our name has undergone changes.

But the business stayed the same: To develop and build specialized high-pressure cleaners for a wide range of industries with the individual customer’s needs in mind.

An ice adventure

In 2010 Aquila merged with Triventek, which produced dry ice machines and sold equipment for duct cleaning. For more than 10 years customized high-pressure cleaners were produced side by side with user-friendly Dry Ice Pelletizers, Dry Ice Blasters og CO2 Gas Recovery Units and sold with great succes by Aquila Triventek A/S to industries all over the world.

This ultimately led to a sale of the entire dry ice business to Cold Jet in October 2022. It also meant a goodbye to the Triventek-name.


  • 1979: Aquila is founded.
  • 1996: Current CEO Torben Andreasen is employed at Aquila as foreman and production manager.
  • 1999: Triventek is established by the English Hotchkiss Group via Icevent Technologies.
  • 2001: Aquila is acquired by British Tensid, which specializes in chemicals for graffiti removal and urban maintenance. Torben Andreasen joins the management and becomes CEO as well as co-owner.
  • 2010: Aquila and Triventek merge. Torben Andreasen remains as CEO and co-owner.
  • 2019: Torben Andreasen becomes the full owner of Aquila Triventek A/S.
  • 2022: The entire production of dry ice pelletizers, Co2 Recovery Units, and dry ice blasters is sold to Cold Jet and Triventek is removed from the company name.

Our vision

For a cleaner world

For Aquila, it is not just about producing machines that can clean facades. We want to contribute to a cleaner world in more ways than one by making it the most sustainable.

User-friendly innovation

Our philosophy is that the value of any innovation or improvement must be based upon its simplicity. Our products must be easy to describe, to use, to maintain and to repair. In short, it is about usability.

From idea to service

It is important to us that our customers never feel that they are lost and confused, which is why you can be sure of getting not only the most qualified, but also sincere support, when you become a part of our family.

Knowledge of business

It should always be a financial win when dealing with us. Our machines are thus developed with flexibility in mind and with the purpose of reduce production and maintenance costs down significantly.

Our staff

Torben Andreasen

CEO T: +45 20 48 86 90 M: ta@aquila.dk

Brigitta Poulsen

Finance and Administration T: +45 70 22 12 92 M: bp@aquila.dk

Bjarne Andreasen

Production Manager T: +45 20 22 27 94 M: ba@aquila.dk

Hans Guldmann

Foreman, Production T: +45 51 30 10 70 M: hg@aquila.dk

Morten Møller Jørgensen

Sale, Duct Cleaning T: +45 21 32 61 87 M: mmj@aquila.dk
René Madsen offers support from Aquila Triventek.

René Madsen

Service, High Pressure Cleaning T: +45 61 22 67 94 M: rm@aquila.dk

Søren Greve

Production, High Pressure Cleaning T: +45 51 14 74 72 M: sg@aquila.dk