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Jet Vent VT45 Extractor

With the Jet Vent VT45 Extractor you are guaranteed a powerful extraction unit, which is able to reach deep into the ventilation ducts and catch any dirt. Regardless of the location of the unit.

With the combination of a high air velocity, a static pressure, and a wide range of filters, it is an ideal method to keep the ventilation ducts clean.

  • Displaces 4500 m3 / hour
  • Static pressure of 740 pascals
  • Special internal filter system


With a powerful fan the VT45 Extractor manages to displace 4500 cubic meters (m3) of air per hour with a high static pressure of 740 pascals. And furthermore it comes with an internal filter system, which is compatible with different types of filters.

The VT45 Extractor is also powered by a single-phase supply with only 8.3 amps at 240V. Furthermore, it is fitted with four wheels. Two of which are lockable to ensure safe usage.

Video:  VT15 Extractor og VT45 Extractor from Jet Vent

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