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Jet Vent VT15 Extractor

With the Jet Vent VT15 Extractor you get a compact extraction unit, which is an obvious choice for cleaning where space is limited because of its small size.

  • Displaces 1500 m3 / hour
  • Static pressure of 700 pascals
  • Special internal filter system


Jet Vent VT15 Extractor is equipped with a powerful fan that displaces more than 1500 cubic meters (m3) of air per hour at a high static pressure of 700 pascals. Furthermore, it comes with a special internal filter system that suits many different filter types.

And it is the combination of air speed, static pressure, and choice of filters that makes the extraction unit the most optimal cleaning method when cleaning ventilation ducts.

Video: VT15 Extractor og VT45 Extractor from Jetvent

The VT15 Extractor can also be supplied as a sack trolley version with larger rubber wheels. Thus making it easier to travel up and down stairs.

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