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Jet Vent Compressed Air Duct Cleaning

With Jet Vent Compressed Air Duct Cleaning, you are guaranteed the most optimal cleaning equipment for ventilation cleaning. We offer the complete solution with a selection of brushes, nozzles, hoses and air guns, which means you save both time and achieve flexibility when you need to remove dirt and dust in the ventilation ducts with compressed air.

  • Tornado nozzles and rotating brushes
  • Nozzle set in different sizes and designs
  • Air pistol with hose and nozzle
  • Manifold for compressed air

We sell the parts in both sets and separately. Contact us to find out more about stock status, prices, and delivery.


To achieve the best results when using compressed air to clean ventilation ducts, it is thus important to have the following five things in mind:

  • air pressure
  • air volume
  • design of the nozzle
  • choice of hose
  • the type and size of the compressor

Air pressure and air volume

The secret behind a qualitive and efficient duct cleaning is a high air pressure and a high volume of air. Nozzles from Jet Vent emit somewhere between 0.3 and 5.2 cubic meters (m3) of air per minute at an air pressure of 8 bar.

The high volume is necessary to maintain a strong and efficient air flow in larger ducts, just as only high pressure can ensure an optimal cleaning result at close range, which is necessary in small ducts.

Conversely, a small volume will not be able to maintain a strong and sustained air flow to clean much other than that, which is at close range.

Design of nozzles and choice of hose

It is also crucial what type of nozzle and hose is used if you want full control over how the ducts are cleaned. Special nozzles with rotated air flow are well suited for vertical ducts, while rotating brushes in combination with high pressure nozzles can collect dust and dirt in round ducts.

Nozzle technology is thus the key to achieving a successful cleaning of ventilation ducts in a short time. And whether you need to clean circular or rectangular ducts, you will reach corners and edges with the selection from Jet Vent.

Video: The Jet Vent Brush Nozzle

Video: The Jet Vent Tornado Nozzle

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